Bad Payer Agos 3 Ways to Make a New Loan!

Image result for agos loanBad payer Agos ? Are you looking for a solution to get new financing ? We can help you! Globalfin, a credit brokerage company regularly registered in the OAM register (No. M359), is a reference financial broker for personal loans also to bad payers .

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Here we address everything that involves a bad payer agos.

What happens if I do not pay an Agos loan?

When you do not pay the agreed deadline to contract the installment of a loan, the finance company, after having notified the client of the consequences related to this event, send to databases evidence dell’insoluto.

What does it involve ? A negative note on the customer’s report card and consequently the difficulty in accessing credit in the future, even for small amounts. The possibility of making a new loan will be excluded even if the new request is endorsed by the signature of a guarantor as guarantor .

In these cases, as we will see later, there are still solutions. Continue reading to find out all the details.

Bad payer Agos: how to know?

Image result for whatAre you sure you are reporting Agos bad payer? Are you present in the credit databases for a late payment installment Agos ? Do you know what the consequences are in not paying Agos financing ?

In the following points you will find other useful ideas to understand how to act, what to do to get new liquidity.

If instead you have not had an official confirmation, if you are not sure, we suggest you to request a visura directly from the official Crif website. This company will forward you a summary document of your credit profile, specifying any anomalies on the regular amortization of the loan .

All outstanding loans will be reported, including revolving credit cards , the start date, the end of amortization, the amount of the installment, but above all the punctuality in payment of installments.

If it was valuing a negative data, or the presence of late payments, you will receive confirmation of being registered with the Crif as ” bad payer “.

Let’s see, in the point success, how to make a personal loan if bad payer Agos .

Loans for bad payers agos: how to do?

Agos payment delay ? When you are on the list of bad Crif payers, getting a new loan is not easy, but in any case, if you are an employee ( state, public, private ) or retired INPS ex INPDAP , the solution exists.

Following our solutions:

  • loan changed
  • transfer of one fifth of salary or INPS pension ex INPDAP
  • delegation of payment for state, public and private employees

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Loan Poor payer Agos: how to unsubscribe from the Crif?

Is it possible to unsubscribe from the Crif? The cancellation service is an automatic process and takes place after the customer has settled the unpaid loan installments. On one of our page you will find all the useful information related to the non-payment of one or more installments of a loan.

So, if you intend to proceed with the cancellation, you just have to wait for the times provided by the Privacy Guarantor. The advice is not to rely on subjects who ask you for money, guaranteeing shortcuts or alternatives.