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Taking care of yourself and keeping your health under control often requires a great deal of time and resources. In the most demanding periods, those in which you are subjected to a greater stress load, you may find yourself neglecting one of the most important aspects of life. A small example comes from one of the last Eurostat surveys on oral health: only 11.6% take care of it by resorting to dental procedures. The reason? Very high costs, especially when it comes to implantology.

This branch of dentistry, born in Europe in the last century and spread around the world since the eighties, uses a series of surgical techniques aimed at the functional rehabilitation of a patient through the permanent replacement of one or more missing teeth. To date, implantology is one of the most effective techniques and is used in almost all dental practices: thanks to the use of high-quality materials such as titanium, it guarantees a better tolerance by the body, stability of the implant and greater durability than different procedures, such as mobile dentures. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a long and painful procedure: interventions are carried out quickly and with the help of a simple local anesthesia. There are many reasons that make dental implantology one of the most expensive practices. On average, the price of an intervention is from 1,200 euros to 3,000 euros for a single tooth, or from 4,000 euros up to 30,000 euros for an entire arch.

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These prices are justified by a series of innumerable advantages: immediate improvement of aesthetics, restoration of complete oral functionality, prevention of diseases such as atrophy and purchase of greater safety in itself, accompanied by a perception of its status that is more than positive part of the others. When we find ourselves facing medical expenses of a certain caliber, it is not uncommon to think we can save something by relying on public health. In these cases, unfortunately, it is easier to face long periods of waiting and medical expenses that deviate little from the fees of a private professional.

A primary and fundamental need like health cannot be the victim of negligence due to concerns of a financial nature. These needs can be met by using a simple financial support tool such as the Cession of the Fifth. This form of personal loan is designed for civil servants, state, or INPS AND INPDAP retirees and is reimbursed by means of a paycheck or a deduction from the pension.

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By relying on professionals in the sector and through detailed advice, you can quickly obtain the necessary liquidity and face the expenses related to the health of the whole family. LeaseCredi works in this field for years, working alongside its customers and offering a secure and transparent service that protects them and ensures an independent management of resources. Just click on the website and our consultants will be at your disposal for advice.

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